Thursday, July 28, 2011

Throw Up. That sounds like a catchy title. ;)

Throw up.
Don't do it while you watch this video.
It is much harder to dance and video than I thought.
Alas, it wouldn't be our living room dance party if mommy wasn't dancing too. Right?
Try and enjoy it anyway. My guy has some moves.

Go dance in the living room today. It's so much fun.


Cisilia "cc" said...


Michelle said...

ha ha! I like your spin! Jackson has some moves on him! He and Evie need to have a living room dance party. She loves them!

Evie asked if she could wear Jacksons Mickey t-shirt the other day. She wanted to dress like a boy.

Nana said...

,,,,,this child is so amazing,,,,tooo funny, and good moves on the YOGA momma ra!