Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Playing catch up yet again. 

Miss Michelle ordered the kids the coolest tape toy ever! 
It is tape that looks like a road and came with a zippy car.
Jackson has had so much fun with this tape.
It came all the way from Germany for him.
Evie has been wearing her super hero cape as a veil lately.
When Michelle told me this I remembered I had some veil material left from when I made 
Nanny's for her wedding. I went and grabbed a few things and $4 later.
Had a princess wedding veil perfect for her. 
She even wore it while we shopped at the outlet mall.
So stinking cute. 
When I finally got around to taking down all Jackson's pictures from the party.
The tape pulled the chalkboard paint off. 
Note to self for next time. I had a little touching up to do. 
This was half way through. It looks good as new again.
We got some new fabric in from AuntJune. I adore her shop and 
when I saw this grey sailboat material
 I knew I needed to add some to Jackson's room.
I love that all her fabric is hand drawn and then printed. 
One side is grey the other black and white.
I love it!
Can you see him?
Running the corner by the tv?
Our little streaker. ;)
Never a dull moment I tell you.
Nothing is sweeter than when Jackson tells me to stop what
 I'm doing and sit down with him and snuggle.
I know I won't have these moment forever. He will grow up and it won't be cool.
So I cherish them so much now. 
Finished boat pillow.
Goodbye blue master bathroom.
Yes, I am painting again. 
We are two rooms away from being completely done with the house updates.
I am going to do a big revel of everything once I am finished. 
Oh and speaking of pillows, I also finished the last one from our bed.
The two larger ones, that fabric came from an Ocho's sale. 
The chevron from a local quilting shop and
 the floral fabric from this sweet etsy shop.
 I am loving the finished look. 
Yay. All caught up.
Happy Tuesday.


Cisilia "cc" said...

Love it all. You are one creative busy gal. Glad you went to Cenergy tonight.

The Hill House said...

Okay, all of your home improvements make me jealous. Can I start sending you a list of the stuff I want done at my house? I'll even pay you in bottles of wine!! :)