Sunday, July 10, 2011

The last weekend in my twenty's.

That's right. I am entering my thirties on Saturday and I am so excited.  This last weekend was so much fun and I wouldn't have done anything differently. 

We started the weekend on thursday with Mani/Pedi's and 
a quick drink with some of my favorite girls.

I convinced Sash to come meet up with me and we walked across the street to visit Miss Kelsey. She is an old friend of my brothers and such a doll. It was so good catching up and having a bit of girl time. Kelsey gave Donna and I a shot since we both have birthdays coming up. It was called Tuaca and tasted like burn! Ha. Donna and I can't hang like we used to we both felt a tad silly the next day.

Saturday morning daddy played in a golf tournament
 {and his team came in first place!} 
so we snuck in a visit to nanny that morning, and then got ready for a fireworks with friends. The city postponed the 4th of July fireworks for rain so we got to see them this weekend. 
Jack was nervous but, did really well. We walked away so we weren't so close and he did much better. Jackson loves his friends so much and we love their parents. ;)

Sunday we took daddy to Fernbank. Jack was so excited to show him all of his favorite spots.
We had lunch with Stephanie and Christian at Leon's for lunch and had some yogurt tap before we headed home for nap time. Yes, we all napped. It was amazing.

Since we had such a big lunch we made popcorn for dinner and watched some Handy Manny before bed. Making popcorn like this is so fun. Jackson loves when we eat Hibachi and the man makes the egg "roll" and sings "I like to move it, move it" So anything with that motion gets the song. It was so funny tonight him singing it to the popcorn. 

Such a great weekend!
My last week being 29 is upon me. 
We are going to rock it out. 
Woop. Woop.


The Hill House said...

Happy early 30th birthday!!!

Donna said...

Had sooo much fun and we need to continue with the celebration!