Friday, March 30, 2012

Things he says

I have been writing these down for a while and am finally getting around to posting them... More to come next week. This boy is funny. :) 

    • Jackson just asked me if we could have a moon festival tonight and wish on the moon with our wishes. #ilovethiskid
    • I just hurt my foot and now I can only walk with one foots. I'll never be fast enough for football now! {He is not playing football, he just randomly come up with things he won't do now that his foot hurts}
    • Mommy can we please get a baby and a dog.
    • When I'm old like 7, I am going to need to drink coffee. 
    • What sound does a giraffe make? I don't know Bubs. How about a panda? Hmm, I don't know that one either.
    • It's a good idea to eat marshmallows if you feel sad. I'm feeling a little sad mommy.
    • Do you think my new friends at school will like my name?
    • When animals get sick where do they go? To the Veterinarian baby. When cars get sick where do they go? To the mechanic. Mommy, you know everything. ;)
    • If we have doughnuts for dinner then we don't have to eat them tomorrow too. We can get Oreos tomorrow. {We keep neither in the house. This is his scheming at its finest}
    • Mommy, when the poop comes down sometimes it makes me laugh. #deadlol
    • Sometimes people be ugly but, i try and be nice. If your ugly then you have to take a nap to not be ugly anymore. So I don't need a nap, k?
    • {when we play hide and seek. He giggles when we start counting and then tells us where he is. awesome}
    • Let's play "howdy do do doit".  How do you play bud? You just throw a ball and then say "howdy do do doit", it's a fun game.
    • When i fart, it just goes away BUT, {insert him holding his finger up} when I have a big fart. Then we need to go to the potty fast. Ok? but, that fart was a little one so I can still play. 
    •  He is in my very favorite phase ever right now. The "i love you" for no good reason phase. I bet no less than 20 times a day. He tells me/daddy/whoever he loves that is around this. It's just the best.

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    Go Indians!

    We are officially t-ball crazy. It's funny how quickly you can get excited about a bunch of 3-4 year olds running around like mad men. Jackson is loving every second. He asks me daily "do I get to go to practice today" .  I hope he always feels this way although, I am sure it won't. lol

    We had a home run derby Friday night and opening game Saturday am. Be sure to check out the video of our guy making his first run home.

    Video Time! 
    Jackson is on third base about to run home...
    Check out how proud he is! He didn't want to get off the base and he says "did you get it".
    The ref finally told him he could go to the dugout. Ha!

    It's going to be such a fun season.

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    Nothing more precious than...

    My sleeping baby. Or any sleeping baby for that matter. He sleeps holding Sable's tag and has the same way every night for 3 years. My sweet boy.

    Monday, March 19, 2012

    The day the zoo was a zoo.

    We met up with Abigail last week and had a playmate at the zoo. There must have been 7 field trips and two huge charter busses pull in right as the zoo opened. It was a mess of kids and grown ups. 
    Not our usual wide open play at the zoo during the week. That combined with the blanket of pollen made it feel like a zoo. ;) We let the kids play for a bit and tried to walk around but, in the end decided to go grab some lunch. The week before we had been to Tin Lizzy's with some friends and I noticed this neat building by the parking lot. Needless to say with a cutie/ham like Abigail in tow I figured it would be a good time to grab some shots of these two. 

    Miss Amanda makes an awesome cheerleader. Her high kicks are so funny. 

    He finally held her hand. lol
    All this personality. The hugs and kisses goodbye were the best! Where was my camera for that?!
     My sweet little man.
    Gorgeous Miss Abigail. 

    Thanks for the play date guys! 

    Friday, March 16, 2012

    Someone is turning 30 tomorrow...

    I'll give you some hints...
    1. She is super special to our family.
    2. She gave birth to one of the cutest little things in December.
    3. She has teased me so many times about being in my thirties this past year...
    4. Her birthday is actually tomorrow {St. Patty's Day} but, I know more of you will see this on Friday so I am posting a day early...

    Yep. It's this lady

    Except now this baby is this big... and has something to say...

    Black and White for good measure.
    {Thanks Heather for helping me make these look so cute! Ya'll go like her fb page}

    I mean how cute is that kid! We love you so much and can not wait to celebrate with you tonight.
    You guys run on over to her blog and give her some 30th birthday love!!!

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    What a weekend...

    This was a weekend of celebrating! Mom had a bit of a scare last week and ended up being admitted into the hospital. It was so scary and we are thankful she is very healthy. We had some celebrating with friends as their son turned 3. Nolan is the cutest thing and we had the best time! Jackson went to stay with Marah and Wyatt afterwards at CC& Bobby's house so we could sneak away and celebrate our 10th dating anniversary. My brother asked me this weekend just how many anniversaries we celebrated? I think every reason to celebrate love is a good one. It keeps you thankful when you celebrate the little things. Like a cheesy pick up line.

    Pre dinner date night. Daddy was playing on his phone while I got ready.
    Phones were put away at dinner. ;)
    Dinner at Rosebud. The company was divine. The wine and food was pretty good too.
    The next morning we got up bright and early to go run The Sham rock and Roll 5k.
    Like 5:45 early and time sprung forward. We were running on little sleep but, had been working on this one. It was actually Brian and I's very first 5k we were competing in. We met up with a group of friends and had a blast.

    {me running in!}
    The ladies together. Everyone had a great race day. 
    B and I post race. His official  time was was 25:28, mom came in at 26:57 {she came in second in her age group!} and I came in at 33:27. It was all of our best time! 
    After the race a group of us went to Sun in My Belly and enjoyed some mimosas and a great breakfast.
    Thanks Heather for the Prosecco!
    The restaurant is so cute inside. I loved the painted mason jars.
    It was a great weekend. Every weekend for the rest of the month is just as jam packed.
    I love fun jam-packed. It makes me happy.

    Monday, March 12, 2012

    The Indians!

    This year Jackson was finally old enough to play on a t-ball team. Finally? Yes, finally. Watching Marah the last two years has been brutal for this little guy. He just wanted to get out there and play! The season got off to a very rainy start. 5 of 6 practices got rained out. What are the chances. Jack was so bummed. So he was thrilled when this past thursday we had one and he got to meet his team.

    Pre practice hair cut. :)
    They gave out the team hats. He has worn this hat all weekend. He was so excited about it.
    Trying out hitting with Coach.
    The 3/4 Indians! It's going to be a great season of watching cats being herded Baseball!

    Friday, March 9, 2012

    A Decade.

    10 years, 3,652 and a half days, 87,660 hours. That is how long ago it was when this pick up line was thrown my way.

    "I like the way you talk"... 

    Insert my eye roll, ball busting and walking away. Ha! He loves to remind me that it worked in the end.

    Thank God for that. Happy decade B. Love you more and more and more.