Monday, March 12, 2012

The Indians!

This year Jackson was finally old enough to play on a t-ball team. Finally? Yes, finally. Watching Marah the last two years has been brutal for this little guy. He just wanted to get out there and play! The season got off to a very rainy start. 5 of 6 practices got rained out. What are the chances. Jack was so bummed. So he was thrilled when this past thursday we had one and he got to meet his team.

Pre practice hair cut. :)
They gave out the team hats. He has worn this hat all weekend. He was so excited about it.
Trying out hitting with Coach.
The 3/4 Indians! It's going to be a great season of watching cats being herded Baseball!


Donna said...

Yay! I'm so glad he had a great practice. We had ours last week.

Kristen at First Name Smith said...

he's so stinkin cute! i cannot wait for these days with S!