Friday, March 30, 2012

Things he says

I have been writing these down for a while and am finally getting around to posting them... More to come next week. This boy is funny. :) 

    • Jackson just asked me if we could have a moon festival tonight and wish on the moon with our wishes. #ilovethiskid
    • I just hurt my foot and now I can only walk with one foots. I'll never be fast enough for football now! {He is not playing football, he just randomly come up with things he won't do now that his foot hurts}
    • Mommy can we please get a baby and a dog.
    • When I'm old like 7, I am going to need to drink coffee. 
    • What sound does a giraffe make? I don't know Bubs. How about a panda? Hmm, I don't know that one either.
    • It's a good idea to eat marshmallows if you feel sad. I'm feeling a little sad mommy.
    • Do you think my new friends at school will like my name?
    • When animals get sick where do they go? To the Veterinarian baby. When cars get sick where do they go? To the mechanic. Mommy, you know everything. ;)
    • If we have doughnuts for dinner then we don't have to eat them tomorrow too. We can get Oreos tomorrow. {We keep neither in the house. This is his scheming at its finest}
    • Mommy, when the poop comes down sometimes it makes me laugh. #deadlol
    • Sometimes people be ugly but, i try and be nice. If your ugly then you have to take a nap to not be ugly anymore. So I don't need a nap, k?
    • {when we play hide and seek. He giggles when we start counting and then tells us where he is. awesome}
    • Let's play "howdy do do doit".  How do you play bud? You just throw a ball and then say "howdy do do doit", it's a fun game.
    • When i fart, it just goes away BUT, {insert him holding his finger up} when I have a big fart. Then we need to go to the potty fast. Ok? but, that fart was a little one so I can still play. 
    •  He is in my very favorite phase ever right now. The "i love you" for no good reason phase. I bet no less than 20 times a day. He tells me/daddy/whoever he loves that is around this. It's just the best.

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