Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekends are rad

1. Silly pictures for nanny, she was tired of work. wonka wonka. 2. Thanks Pinterest, a new door wreath? Now I just need a bow. 3. His "dream" yellow car. 4. Baby D snuggles! 5. Allergies suck. 6. Chin Chin

1. This weekend The Braves had their opening day for the kids. We got to go hang out with some friends and tour the dugout. It's always fun to spend time at the stadium.

Last but, not least. Our new favorite summer pasta dish... Yummy!
You guys go make this soon. So yummy. I was playing taking a picture but, really it was so good. Recipe here. Grilled corn and cherry tomatoes with a lemon basil dressing.
I ended up adding some fresh mozzarella to the top and B made us some grilled chicken.

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