Monday, April 23, 2012

This weekend was jam packed. Early saturday morning we went and watched Daddy run in a 5k. Jackson was so proud and Brian did awesome! Beating his last 5k time by a minute. I am so proud of him too. {check out Jackson mean mugging George. Ha!}

Right after the run, we went to Jackson's t-ball game. Durham and Nanny got to come watch. Oh, I just love that baby. They had a great game and we got the kids t-ball pictures. Cutest thing ever!

And in theme with busy, busy after the game it was home to clean up and we headed up to one of our favorite girls 2nd birthdays. We love Miss Samantha and her family so much. We had so much fun celebrating her day. It was pirate and fairies theme. Check out Williams awesome face painting.
We had our Mar-bear this weekend. She actually ate spinach stuffed shells and broccoli! It was a big deal and now forever saved here. lol We got to have a great dinner with Uncle Justin and Miss Kelsey and our first snow ball of the season!
Sunday daddy and Jack had a waffle house date. Just the boys hanging out. It would be hard for me to put into words how much Jackson adores Brian. Their relationship is the most precious thing to me. Jack and I met up with some new friends today and hung out and then it was back home for a great dinner.
Whew. I'm tired, are you? We need the week just to recover from this weekend. ;)

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