Friday, August 26, 2011

This kind of day.

May you have a 
kind of weekend.
We sure will.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Update, and Shop our closet. ;)

Tiny, phone dump update and a link. 

We have had a great week or so. Staying on the go as always. 
Fernbank and Yogurt Tap play dates. 
Pool time with some friends, dinner out, and more yogurt tap. 
Friends and family day at Papa's church, then a mall visit 
and Cheesecake Factory dinner with Nana, Grandpa and Sydney.

Needless to say we are taking today to recharge at home. :) 

Miss Abigail and Jack playing at YT. 
New flavor I am loving. 
Yumm, Yumm.
Happy Hour strawberry limeades always scream summer. 
Jack taking a breather watching the movie CC got him. 
Chocolate chip cookie cheers. Family nights are the best.
Great summertime beer.
 You should check out. 
 Someone making themselves very comfy in our bed. 
 Also, I am pretty excited about this line and 
all that chevron coming out at target soon.

Now onto the link. 
Jack and I have started a "closet page" on facebook. 
So if you are looking to shop, click here and check us out.

Monday, August 15, 2011


This quote found me. 
I am claiming it. It resonated deep within me. 

"When you decide to live out what you believe. 
When you decide you want peace in your possession, then you will find out what that looks like & feels like. You begin to pray for God to give you peace. You incorporate peace in your relationships. You decide to respond differently. You speak in love. Act in tenderness. You imitate what you know about peace until it becomes a reality for your character & your life."

Because at the end of the day...
 We could all use a little more peace in our words, our relationships, our soul. 
Or at least I do. 
Yes, I think this one is a keeper. 

Found on this lovely blog

Catch up.

What can I say. It's the end of the summer stretch and we are so
 busy soaking up every last second. I haven't stopped to blog about it. 

Phone/Photo Dumps will have to do.

Marah had her first football game the past weekend.
Go Panthers!
 Silly girl.
We hit up the Braves game friday night with Uncle Justin, Tori, and sissy.
They retired Bobby Cox number and it was such a fun game. 
Home run after home run.

Saturday was spent at the pool then some friends all headed
to the BTE concert. Our friend Michelle is in love with this group. 
She must be the biggest fan. It was such a perfect night for an outdoor concert.
The kids played and danced, the daddies hung out, and the mommies danced and talked.

 Love my guys. 

What a weekend. We have another big one 
planned for next weekend! 
Happy week. :) 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's a Party.

This weekend Jack and I took a little road trip.
Nora was turning 3 and we couldn't miss it. 
This was the last time we saw each other. 

Yes, we now refer to time by our kids ages. So it's been year. Wait! It's been almost two.
We did see each other briefly in the middle of that but, the point is far to long! 
Needless to say this trip was much  needed and far to short.

 Miss Nora celebrated her 3rd birthday with a luau. It was so much fun.
Kristen made the cake and even the fondant. It was made from marshmallows and so good!

Such a sweet girl and her sweet family. 

Look at our babies playing now. Makes me so happy. They were instant buddies. 
Nora showing off her birthday gift. How cute is she!

Love you guys so much. We need to do this more often for sure.