Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween.

                                                   Happy Halloween. Love Bub's.

                                                      Cute Baby = Lot's of Candy 

                                                           Mom can I eat this one? 
                    Had to go visit Nanny Pam, Those girls love me at BBW.             

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poor Bubbie.

As many of  you know,
 our little man is sick. 
We went to the Dr 
Friday and she said 
Bronchiolitis. So we 
have been doing breathing
 treatments and will 
continue for a week. We
 go back this Friday to
 get an update on
he's doing. Hopefully 
we don't have to start 
steroids and continue
 this another week. Most 
treatments Bubbie just 
looks around and plays 
with the smoke. Although
 this morning (see pictures) 
he just couldn't be bothered.
 Poor Bubbie. I just want my 
little man to get better.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm still frustrated(see post below) but thought I would at least post the new Halloween Scrapblog of our little man.

Not Bubbie Related. Vent.

Hmm I would always hope that people would act as Adults in situations that came up in their lives.

Adult. noun. a fully developed person from maturity onward.

I can honestly say Brian and I have always done everything we could for our family, friends and loved ones.If you are one of those people I hope you could say that was true. 

Everything. pronoun. every thing or particular of an aggregate or total; all

It amazes me to think in a situation where you knew you could effect not only a friend, but FriendS you would choose to be two faced and childish.

Two faced. adjective. deceitful or hypocritical.
Childish. adjective. of, like or befitting of a child, puerile; weak

I'm just saying I'm disappointed in the actions you thought we wouldn't find out. 

Disappointed. adjective. discouraged by the failure of one's hopes or expectations

I guess thats just the game, huh. 

The definitions are just so people understand what I'm trying to say and there are No Misunderstandings.

I'm done with my soapbox, what can I say even Mommara needs a moment to get things off her chest.

We will now go back to our regularly scheduled cooing over Bubbie. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

4 About 4

I can't believe it. Four months. My baby is just growing to fast. Unfortunately for Jackson's "birthday" he got Broncilitis. It has been no fun having his first cold, but we are doing breathing treatments hoping this sick stuff will all be over before we know it. So keeping in theme with things I love about Bubbie. Here are my 4 favorite things about 4 months.

1. He has started just cooing away. He loves to talk over our voices. It is mommy and daddy's favorite past time. 

2. Oh the cuddles. This little man is just full of them. He has started what we call "digging in". He puts his face straight down in the nook of our arm and shakes his head till he's all snuggled in. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen.

3. He has really started holding his head up so well. He will just look around over our shoulders or sit up in our laps. It is only a matter of time before he is sitting up. 

4. Bath time! This boy is half fish. He loves the water. We got him a new huge bath tub and he is so funny in it. He actually cries when we take him out. Hurt feelings whimpers. Watch out Michael Phelps... I'm just saying.

We love our boy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkins, Fall Weather, and Nana's 50th.

Well thats pretty much sums up my weekend. We all headed up to Nana's house this weekend. The weather was so wonderful, nice and cool. Bubbie finally got to wear some of his really cute fall outfits it's been just to hot for. The leaves have really started to change in the mountains. It really reminds me of getting married. It was such a beautiful time of year to get married. Every year when the weather starts changing, I swear I start falling in love all over again with B. It's so romantic. (Oh yea, we celebrated our 4 yr wedding anniversary on the 17th) We threw Nana a small 50th bash, complete with her favorite, sour cream pound cake. It was my first time making one and it turned out really good. If I don't say so myself. The weekend was finished off with a trip to Burt's Pumpkin Farm. A tradition at our house. It was such a nice day out. Of corse we took a hundred pictures, but that one had "scrapblog" all over it. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

He loves the flip.

I mean he loves anything where he sees himself, but the video's hold a special place in this boy's heart. We turn them on and he is mesmerized. The funniest thing is not with video's that have other people in them. Just him. The look on his face is just priceless.

Bubbie in his Bumbo.

These pictures are actually from last week. They are just too cute and I had to share. He just loves his Bumbo seat. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello Nesties.

I always write about Jackson on this site, after all it's all about Bubbie. Some of the nesties decided we would start doing meme's (Nesties are the other mom's on the site I hang out on. Meme's are a random questions we'll all answer) This week is 6 random things about me. I don't even know if I can think of six random things but, if you asked some there are way more than that. I love Myrall's things. I totally can see the actress thing, and also enjoy your passion for Haute Couture. ..

1. I am an Aestitician. A skin care specialist. While some of you know this, most of the nesties only know me as a mommy. I worked at Sage Skin care and Spa on Pharr Rd. Before I left to do make up with Bare Essentials. I love all things beauty.

2. I can't swim. I mean I can get out there and flail, but swimming nope. Not even doggy paddle that well. I love the water, the beach, the lake, anything to do with it. I would love to take lesson's one day and look graceful in the water.

3. I chew my lip when I get nervous. My husband said I had to include this. It drives him crazy. He can't stand it. I think it's funny that when I asked him what was something random about me that's what he said.

4. I have an obsession with all things "cupcake". I am a sucker for cute cupcakes. Jackson's Godmother, Nanny Pam and I try constantly to out cupcake each other. She just did some with Acorn's that turned out so good. I'm on the lookout for my next design.

5. I love Tattoo's. I'm completely fascinated by them. I think they are so beautiful and mysterious. My dad is covered in them. He was a merchant seaman when he was younger, and got them all over the world. They all have stories of places he's been and people he met. He is one of the coolest people I know. It's probably where my love for them comes from... I just got another one on my last trip home, to New Orleans. In honor of the Montelaro Girls. A Fleur De Lis on my rib. I love it.

6.I am deathly afraid of roller coasters. That flip of the tummy excitement so many people can't wait to experience. Yea, it makes me want to cry like a baby. The thought of being strapped in to a fast moving seat with no exit. Ugh, It makes me sick to even think about it. No Six Flags for Ra.

So there you have it six random things about Mommara.

I'll tag Pam, DBryson and all the other Nesties who haven't done this yet.
Tag your it...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Hiccup Conversation

For the last two weeks Jackson has discovered that he loves the way his voice sounds when the hiccups stop it quickly. It is so cute! I have been trying to catch it and tonight when he and dad were talking I did. Mind you the only way he can get sound out is to make fussy noises sometimes, but don't worry. Jackson was not harmed in the making of this video. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In your prayers

I am just so touched by this story, I have been following Stacy's progress for several months, and although we have never met or spoken in person, I feel as though I know her through her words. I was so saddened to find out little Issac didn't make it. Stacy and Spencer and their family are in my prayers. 

check out her blog at . 

I just cried when I saw his sweet picture. He is beautiful. I hope his story touches you as much as following it has me. I held Jackson extra close today and gave him extra kisses. It just kills me to even imagine what she and spencer are going through.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The End of an Era.

It's a sad day in the Williamson house. We lost my Aunt Rosalie last night. The stress from all the storms(Katrina,Hannah, ect.) and her Parkinson's finally proved to much. This is ex specially hard because she is the last of my grandma's siblings to go. We have lost so many since Katrina, I really think it was just to much for the family. Aunt Maryrose, Grandma, Uncle Phillip, Aunt Joanna, Aunt Anna, Frankie and now Aunt Rosalie. Katrina shook our older generation to the core. It has been a tough two years since. Seven loved ones is just to much. I am just so sad. I am posting some pictures of them all together. I come from an amazing Italian family. Rich in tradition and love. The get togethers are just like what you see on TV, loud, we argue, we laugh, we love each other to a fault. I am so sad Jackson won't get to grow up around his Montelaro side of the family. It just breaks my heart to think they are all gone. So this post is in honor of them. The family that has shaped who I have become, encouraged me to always have an opinion and always feel like I have the right to express it. I am so thankful for the family I still have.