Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hello Nesties.

I always write about Jackson on this site, after all it's all about Bubbie. Some of the nesties decided we would start doing meme's (Nesties are the other mom's on the site I hang out on. Meme's are a random questions we'll all answer) This week is 6 random things about me. I don't even know if I can think of six random things but, if you asked some there are way more than that. I love Myrall's things. I totally can see the actress thing, and also enjoy your passion for Haute Couture. ..

1. I am an Aestitician. A skin care specialist. While some of you know this, most of the nesties only know me as a mommy. I worked at Sage Skin care and Spa on Pharr Rd. Before I left to do make up with Bare Essentials. I love all things beauty.

2. I can't swim. I mean I can get out there and flail, but swimming nope. Not even doggy paddle that well. I love the water, the beach, the lake, anything to do with it. I would love to take lesson's one day and look graceful in the water.

3. I chew my lip when I get nervous. My husband said I had to include this. It drives him crazy. He can't stand it. I think it's funny that when I asked him what was something random about me that's what he said.

4. I have an obsession with all things "cupcake". I am a sucker for cute cupcakes. Jackson's Godmother, Nanny Pam and I try constantly to out cupcake each other. She just did some with Acorn's that turned out so good. I'm on the lookout for my next design.

5. I love Tattoo's. I'm completely fascinated by them. I think they are so beautiful and mysterious. My dad is covered in them. He was a merchant seaman when he was younger, and got them all over the world. They all have stories of places he's been and people he met. He is one of the coolest people I know. It's probably where my love for them comes from... I just got another one on my last trip home, to New Orleans. In honor of the Montelaro Girls. A Fleur De Lis on my rib. I love it.

6.I am deathly afraid of roller coasters. That flip of the tummy excitement so many people can't wait to experience. Yea, it makes me want to cry like a baby. The thought of being strapped in to a fast moving seat with no exit. Ugh, It makes me sick to even think about it. No Six Flags for Ra.

So there you have it six random things about Mommara.

I'll tag Pam, DBryson and all the other Nesties who haven't done this yet.
Tag your it...

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