Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkins, Fall Weather, and Nana's 50th.

Well thats pretty much sums up my weekend. We all headed up to Nana's house this weekend. The weather was so wonderful, nice and cool. Bubbie finally got to wear some of his really cute fall outfits it's been just to hot for. The leaves have really started to change in the mountains. It really reminds me of getting married. It was such a beautiful time of year to get married. Every year when the weather starts changing, I swear I start falling in love all over again with B. It's so romantic. (Oh yea, we celebrated our 4 yr wedding anniversary on the 17th) We threw Nana a small 50th bash, complete with her favorite, sour cream pound cake. It was my first time making one and it turned out really good. If I don't say so myself. The weekend was finished off with a trip to Burt's Pumpkin Farm. A tradition at our house. It was such a nice day out. Of corse we took a hundred pictures, but that one had "scrapblog" all over it. 

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The Mrs. said...

Love it! I'm glad yall had so much fun! :)