Monday, March 19, 2012

The day the zoo was a zoo.

We met up with Abigail last week and had a playmate at the zoo. There must have been 7 field trips and two huge charter busses pull in right as the zoo opened. It was a mess of kids and grown ups. 
Not our usual wide open play at the zoo during the week. That combined with the blanket of pollen made it feel like a zoo. ;) We let the kids play for a bit and tried to walk around but, in the end decided to go grab some lunch. The week before we had been to Tin Lizzy's with some friends and I noticed this neat building by the parking lot. Needless to say with a cutie/ham like Abigail in tow I figured it would be a good time to grab some shots of these two. 

Miss Amanda makes an awesome cheerleader. Her high kicks are so funny. 

He finally held her hand. lol
All this personality. The hugs and kisses goodbye were the best! Where was my camera for that?!
 My sweet little man.
Gorgeous Miss Abigail. 

Thanks for the play date guys! 


Donna said...

So sweet! What cutie pies!

andrea said...

Those pictures are SO cute!