Saturday, July 23, 2011

Phone {dump} catch up and Pins.

Yep, more magazine random phone pictures.

Seriously how cute is this pitcher? 
I saw one almost exactly like this at Home Goods 
if your in the market. I think it was $12.99
I love everything about this outfit.
 Alas, this is not my life. lol
Swoon. Nuf' said. 
Eeepp, it comes as a set of 3. 
My sweet sister got me this phone skin for my b-day. 
I am stalking the mail for it. How stinking cute.
Yes, I love my baby so much his face will be on my phone. 
Recognize it from anywhere? 
::cough, blog header, cough::
Hope you guys have a great weekend. 

1 comment:

Michelle said...

what are those nautical things? Plates? I love that outfit and would wear it to the zoo.