Friday, July 1, 2011

Say it with me now... Omm

This may just be my new favorite way to blog. Hello dreamy old school typewrittter noise {#7 if you are curious} and driftingly fun music. I go between #5 and 3 for my tunes. I am sure in some way it makes me feel much more important in my thought than need be. The only thing I belive is missing and for me pretty important... Spell check. I am a horrid speller. At least in Omm it doesn't judge me for it and put those blasted red lines under my mistakes. I am blissfully unaware while I type, although for you reading that may just be no mas. :) Totally amazing and worth every penny of the $4.11 if you want the upgrades and FREE if you don't. Run grab this app. Super cool and worth it.

I can type my posts up in Omm, highlight, c&P and tada. 
Inspired hippy blog writing for whenever the mood strikes. 


Alicia said...

fun!! did you download it on your phone? and i love the noise of the type writer..totally reminds me of murder she wrote! lol

Michelle said...

So this is just for iPad? Fun!