Friday, March 19, 2010

Photobooth: A Love Story {a mommy and her boy}

If there is one thing my baby loves it is taking pictures.
 He loves photobooth {or to him "Cheese"}
So everyday sometimes we will have fun photobooth sessions. 
Here are some of our latest funnies.
Man I love this boy. 


The Mrs. said...

Too cute. When you said he looked over in bed and said "cheese" when her herd the flash click up... I thought... that baby is gonna be a model for sure! ;)

Nana said...

..great shots, yes he does love the camera and you allllwayyss make a good ya both!

Brown Girl said...

He's so precious, I love it!!

Mandi said...

so precious you two are! you make me wanna move down there every time i read your blog. so much fun!