Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Folder and The Goodwill trip

The Folder, do you have one?
The one that is full of magazine pages ripped out of Pottery Barn 
and other random magazines that you love? 
You know the one that you will use when you build your dream home or tweek the one your in now?
Mine is full. 
I am finding inspiration lately on blogs, tv shows, families homes. 
With just a tiny budget from the money we got back, like almost none. Ha!
We are going to take a few ideas and go for them. More sweat equity type stuff but, I'm excited.

So on a trip with 
{bestie/nanny/seriously sometimes we think just alike and it's scary} 
Pam, to our favorite hangout Micheals. 
{umm yes to 40% off coupons for everything}
For yet more shadow boxes because we are determined to be the old women with 
a ziggabillion in their houses so they looks like a museum. 

We decided since I had some thing to donate and we were out we should go load up on other peoples junk look around at a few Goodwill and thrift stores. Now, I admit. I come by my thrift store ways honestly. Mom, taught me my love of thrift stores young and it has stuck. I love other peoples junk vintage, classic things. Not to mention some of the fun design blogs have gotten our minds turning, looking for great before and afters.

We found some all right.
I didn't get pictures of the gorgeous milk glass lamp, flowers for a fun project, or kicking green kitten heels Pam got but, hopefully she will blog about her goodies too.

Here is what I came home with.

I am having a thing for owls lately. 
No worries, they are getting spray painted. 
The ship I love and have something in mind for.

New table center piece. Paint to come and filled with corks?

Wait for it. This I just LOVED the second I saw it...

Do you see the awesomeness just waiting to come out?
Granted it needs a good cleaning and sanding. 

How cool is this! It used to be a bar. 
I am thinking it will hold up our tv in the living room in this house.
Who knows where it will end up in the end but, I lurve it!

So check this out...

Ra, wait you did not pay $129.95 for this table right? 
Haha, nope try a cool $25. 
It was on sale for $50 and he came down half.
I am so excited. Hubby isn't sure yet but, he will be.
I will post a bf/after so you can see it in all it's glory when it is finished.
I may have spent $30 total for the goods. Happy Momma.
What a fun day. Love you Nanny.


Alicia said...

oohhh fun! i love goodwill, i always find the neatest things! i can't wait to see the after pics!

Nana said...

....such clever ideas, can't wait to see the results!!

The Mrs. said...

I can't decide if I am more excited about seeing the ceramic owl (that linda painted in 1965) or that amazing table! Ugh! How exciting!

Joyeful said...

Oh girl--I think I need to meet up with you and go thrifting!! Love that little bar you found! And we have a hobby lobby that I LIVE at over here!

P.S. I'm making eggplant parm. TODAY!! : )