Monday, March 29, 2010

Prayer & Mello Yellow

I have been spending precious time in prayer for my family since this... {x}
Sometimes it takes the big bumps for me to get back on track with my prayer life. 

Yes God, thanks for the wake up call. 
So for three full months God has been working and changing us.
 A beauty from ashes type of thing. 
It's been a tough and precious thing.
I realize from that place God has renewed my prayer life, 
Our prayer life as a family. 

I wonder is there anything I can pray about for you?
It would be my honor.

I am borrowing this idea from Sweet Joyful Julia, 
it is precious and a great reminder to be thankful.
{her color is pink this week and just lovely.}

"Thankful for color"

This week I am Thankful for Yellow

I am thankful for my husband.
Who was sweet enough to put these Yellow sunflowers on my desk 
when he brought me flowers just because they would make me smile.
{They did}

I am thankful for the
 vintage yellow flowers on my owl.
Makes me smile.
{the rest of my lovely flowers}

The "nana's" that Bub's and I love to eat for breakfast.
I am thankful that he always wants to share with mommy.
I am thankful for that baby everyday.

I am thankful for the Yellow bushes out in front of our Yellow home. 
I love this time of year when over night they literally explode with blooms. 

and last but, not least.
Thankful for Easter.
Thankful that God gave his son and he rose again.
{yep hubby made a Who Dat egg on Sunday}

What are you thankful for these spring days?
I would love to know. 

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Stefanie said...

Ra - what a great post! Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading it! There's so much to be thankful for in this life...big and small!!

Loving this warm weather and can't wait to hang out again soon with you guys!

I love that yellow bush in your yard? Any idea what its called? I've been telling the hubs I want one...but not sure where to buy one??