Monday, June 6, 2011

Jackson is funny.

This age is so funny. Jackson is full of questions and observations.
Here have been a few of my favorites as of late.

 While looking at an exclamation point. 
"Mommy that's funny, it's a baseball bat and ball" 
{get it !}

"When the sun goes down and the moon comes up 
it's because the sun is sleepy. He shares because 
when he comes up the moon is sleepy". 
Pretty smart for 3 year old logic.

He is very big about being fair right now. 
I was buying mascara at Target the other day and he
 wanted to know if he could get some. 
This is prime mommy brain right here, you may want to take notes. {not}
J: Mommy, I need some mascara too.
Me: No, Jack only mommies get mascara.
J: But, then what do only boys get?
Me: Well {long pause I am trying to think and shop}
J: Mommy, what do only boys get?
Me: Ok, boys get Jock straps and girls don't. See thats cool.
J: What's a Jock Strap?
Me: {headdesk} 
You try explaining a jockstrap to a almost 3 year old. I will spare you that
 train wreck and the 20 minutes worth of questions that followed.

My personal favorite.

J: Mommy where is your peeps? {penis}
Me: Um, well mommies don't have peeps they have babies.
don't you just love how deep I am ?!
J: But, mommy where is your peeps. Is it in your pants?
Me: No, baby mommies have babies not peeps. 
We have Different parts down there so the baby can come out.
J: Ok, and mommies have boobies too. Big ones. 
 {in his baby voice, as he lifts up his shirt} 
Mine are little baby boobies.
 Don't you love my little baby ones mommy? 
Me: Yes, I love them. 

It's no wonder my grey hair is in full effect.
 Dear Lord, I love this kid. He keeps me on my toes for sure. 

Favorite phone picture from this weekend.


Shell said...

Oh, what a character! I love this!

The Hill House said...

LOL...We have lots of these conversations as well, and mine seem to go about as good as yours!

Pam said...

LOL, awesome. You get a golf star mommy... I don't know if I could be as quick as you! The jockstrap is a keeper for sure! LOL

Nana said...

......oh my all this and just gonna be 3 yrs in a few short days......can't imagine what waits ahead....never a dull moment....LOVE YA'LL!