Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to our man.

Sweet Baby Jackson.

What a year. 
 I swear just yesterday I woke you up and sang Happy Birthday to you for the first time. 
How is it today will make the second? (ugh, the tears)
 You have truly made us a family. I know I say this to you all the time but, you did. 
Mommy and Daddy make an awesome couple but, until we had you we didn't know what our family would be like. And you sweet boy. You made us Perfect.

It has been a busy year. We started Physical Therapy with fears and so many questions. 
We will forever love Miss Cheryl for the time and skills she taught you and after 8 months of weekly trips. You graduated with those first precious steps(In NOLA no less!)
I am sure every family celebrates them but,  boy oh boy were we so proud.
It lifted weights from our shoulders and reminded us patience was a wonderful quality to have as parents.

You said "I love you" this year. The most precious three words you say. 
Well, that and "mommy and daddy" those are pretty great too. 
You love balls, hats, trains, trucks, to color, to run-run-run, 
your Marah, to read{brown bear, brown bear}, and "outside".
 Ice cream has become your favorite treat. Well, that and pretzels.
 Sable is still your best friend. He goes everywhere with us. 
He is always by your side and you do not sleep with out him. 
Just this month you have become attached to a red motorcycle. 
Dear Lord, don't want to drive them you might just give mommy a heart attack. 

You LOVE your daddy. You are a momma's boy but, man. 
When that door open's at 5:30 each night. Your eye's light up. He adores you too.
To watch the two of you together is one of the greatest joys there is. 
You just laugh and laugh. You are also becoming quite the comedian.
 If you figure out something you are doing makes us laugh then you will do it over and over. 

You are surrounded by people that love you. You have a lot of love in your life. 
(to those of you that do, we could never express how much it means)
We feel so blessed that this is true for you. 
As we go into this next year we are excited to see what will be. 
Anything with you is an adventure.
 Even a trip to the store is so much more fun than before. 
What did we do with our free time before you? I really don't remember.

Happy Birthday to our Bubbie, 
{bump, pshhhh}
{ugh the tears again}

May your third year and every one after be so much better than before.

With all our love.
Mommy & Daddy


Cisilia "cc" said...

Tears of joy and love and thanksgiving!!!

Pam said...


What a beautiful letter, what precious memories, what a perfect family. We love yall so much. Happy Birthday little man! <3

Kelley said...

I'm gonna need you to give a mascara alert next time...that was probably the sweetest and most "straight from the heart" thing I have ever read. He is such a lucky little guy!

KLaw said...

EEK! Crying. So cute! Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!

Sole Matters said...

i want to pick him up, squeeze him and then eat his cheeks! haha happy bday lil guy!

Stefanie said...

your post was so precious! happy birthday sweet Jackson!! Cristian and I can't wait to hang out with you and your mama again soon! have a blast tomorrow!! hugs!