Monday, June 21, 2010

Please Excuse The Lack of Posting...

This week.
A certain somebody at my house turns 2 on friday.
{some days I cry when I say that others I smile big.
Oh, the roller coaster that is being a momma.}

So please distract your self with these video's 
until I am back on Thursday or Friday 
with some neat stuff for our man.


Video 1
This is Marah at her All star game. She ran like a rockstar. Go Panthers.
While the season is now over and she will start cheer in the fall we just 
LOVED watching her turn into quite the little Softball girl.

Video 2
This one is from the beach.
Just a cute clip of our man walking back and forth to the water
dumping sand from his shovel (an oyster shell) over and over.
Check out his trunks. :)

Video 3
Our Mister saying part of his ABC's and talking about the dishwasher.
You know normal toddler things.
Of course he has the attention span of a two year old so I couldn't
get him to stay put long enough to finish.
I just love when he sings though. His voice is so sweet.

I will be back later this week.
xoxo ra


Pam said...

the dishwasher one is helarious!! :) I love that attention span!
a.b.c. dishes are wet mommy! ;)

Amo said...

My son has about the same attention span. My son will be two in August and it is so hard for me to swallow! I can't believe he is that old already! Ah! I can't wait to hear what you are doing for his party!