Friday, November 19, 2010

Bobby, Bub's and Jackson says...

They are two peas in a pod. My dad and Jackson. 
Jackson loves to go to "Bobby's house" and spend time over there. 
Dad came over this week and brought Jackson a puzzle. It was so sweet to watch him teach Jackson how to play with it.  My dad and I have a special relationship. I am very close to both of my parents but, my dad and I are more alike than different. I think this is a compliment to him and me. :)

Back to the puzzle.  One of the pieces was tricky and Jackson couldn't get it to go in.  So dad asked me to give him specific colored crayons. I was doing some laundry and could hear them chatting at the table. 
I walked in and saw this. 

I was sneaking pictures on my phone.
Talking up a storm to Bobby. 
 Dad was coloring the respective colors in place to help Bub's.
I love that he thought of this.
 Showing him how it works.
  Ta Da! He can do it. 
Puzzle: Dollar section at Target
Colors: $.79
Time spent with Grandpa Bobby: Priceless
This just warmed my heart so much.

These are two things that have happened this week and I wanted to put them down so I wouldn't forget.

One night this week. Out.Of.The.Blue. Jackson looked at B and I and announced he wanted a baby sister. We aren't ready to have another just yet. We are prayerful and waiting to see if it will be right for us as a family but, I would be lying if B and I both didn't melt from this.
 Googly eyes might have been passed between us. 

The next night. Jackson put one arm on my back and one on Brian's. 
Looked at us both and said "It's our family".
Gah, he kills me! 
I never want to forget these moments.

Happy Friday.
xoxo ra


Alicia said...

awww that is so sweet! i love seeing tender moments like that between grandparents and the little ones. and lady....he would make a great big brother ;)

Stefanie said...

Ra, this post is so sweet!! I'm telling you these boys are killing us! I love the two year old stage and never knew how much a little boy could steal my heart!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!