Monday, November 3, 2008

The PInk Pig

 I figured since Jackson was born in Georgia. He needed to take part in some fun holiday Atlanta traditions. The Pink Pig is definitely one of them. It is this cute little roller coaster that they put together in the parking lot of the Lenox Macy's. So we made the trip and found out Jackson was a little bit to small to ride. We still had fun walking into the tent and seeing the pink explosion. Jackson made some friends with the piggies and we did get to take our picture under the big sign. So fun. We are hoping the next time we go. We meet some Nestie babies.


The Mrs. said...

So cute! Since Jackson was too little, did B ride? ;) Miss you guys!

Karen said...

Awwww, man! That's too bad. Did they tell you he couldn't ride? Kate rode twice last year and would have been younger than Jackson at the time. She had to sit in the seat (not on our laps), but we held her there the whole time. Her little friend Amelia (who was a preemie and was a tiny thing at the time) rode, too.