Friday, February 6, 2009

New Orleans here we come.

So Baby J is getting ready to head to New Orleans (with us of corse). This will be the longest trip we have taken. I am feeling a little overwhelmed as I won't have a washer and dryer to use. A friend suggested I write down everything I use in a day for him so I would have a better idea what to take. Pretty much Brian and I can each take a small bag so I have enough room for all his stuff. I think I may be looking at this the wrong way. Any tips from traveling momma's. 

We are back on breathing treatments . A little cough showed up and we are trying to get it to go away! I am hoping to not also cart the nebulizer to NOLA. This has been a week of running around and I imagine next week will be to until we leave so I am looking forward to having a mini vacation and seeing some family. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Lovies.

Singing "Good Morning" to my toy.


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