Friday, July 9, 2010

One week from today... and a reminder!

I will enter the last year of my 20's.

I am not sad but,excited.
I have always said to Brian, 
I think our 30's will be the best yet.
No awkward high school day's, figuring out who you are 
in college, fumbling through dating.
Nope, now we are in the sweet times. 
Found love, precious family, wonderful life-long-friends.

I think we shall celebrate all week.
What do you say?
Well that and we are celebrating my 300th post!
{It was the 4th of July one actually}

Yep you read that right.
No, crazy 8 entries, just 3 simple ways each day's.

Some of my favorite Etsy girls have been so gracious to giveaway some super fun things each day.
With an extra specialclose to my heart giveaway on Friday the 16th.
{since it's my actual b-day}

So get ready lovies!
Next week is a week of celebration.
The good, bad, ugly and beautiful 
that has made up 29 years of life 
and 2 pretty amazing ones blogging!

I love you all. Hope you have a great weekend.

We shall be doing a little of this...

xoxo ra


Amo said...

Happy early birthday! Can't wait to enter the giveaways! And yes, your thirties are better than your twenties!

Sara B said...

Happy birthday a little early! Great perspective on turning 30!

Tara said...

happy early birthday!! giveaways every day?! thats amazing!!