Saturday, July 17, 2010

29 and Sassy { Giveaway Week Links}

Today was amazing.
My Hub's and Jackson had me sneak away for 
an afternoon massage and pedicure.
It was lovely.
My muscles are like butta and my piggies a 
gorgeous coral pink color.
Very Summer.
This last year of my 20's 
I am excited to be extra 
Ha! Not really but, how much do you love that picture?

Here are some pictures from this last week.
Fishing with his new pole. 
Thanks Nana and Grandpa
Lot's of snuggle time 
with his 29 year old momma.
Front yard soccer matches with daddy
Except when he gets the ball 
he picks it up and takes off.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway's.
 They will end Monday the 19th.
I will have a big post of winner's so check back.
Giveaway Day 1
Giveaway Day 2
Giveaway Day 3
Giveaway Day 4
Giveaway Day 5
{birthday day}
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Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.
We are having a party tomorrow night. 
Then Sunday Hubby and I are going to see these guys 
at one of our favorite dive bars.
Plastic lawn chairs, Good Music and Strongbow.
 I can not wait.

This guys will be there too.


xoxo ra.

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KLaw said...

You and your little man.. cutest evah! hearts and hugs :)