Thursday, April 21, 2011


We had Miss Evie and baby Liam 
{Jackson calls him baby Cliam}
down for some Easter fun this week.  
We dyed some eggs while they were down.
Evie was very gentle with her eggs. 
Jackson was dunking them like basketballs. Go figure.
They both wanted to scoop the eggs out.
 Making up colors was so fun for them. 
All finished. They were so proud. 
That middle picture is a big high five! 

This is a super cute idea Michelle came up with.
Lollipop seeds. 
We put this together while the kids played.
Check out her post here for the explanation. 

Pretty Cute huh?! 

This age is so much fun they are really into being so hands on. 
Even if those little hands end up splatter painted with egg dye.


thais. said...

adorable ideas of fun easter time together. have a great weekend!

Allison said...

so so so cute!

Bre said...

looks so fun! We're in the midst of an egg mess ourselves--I'm letting my hubs handle it ;)

Nana said...

....sweeet, sweet pics!!! They both are precious!!