Sunday, April 24, 2011

This and That.

I have about 10 projects in the works right now.
So many I have yet to share. So in an effort to not only show them off but, 
light a fire under my hinny to finish them, here they are.
I found this plaque in the clearance aisle at Marshals. 
For $2 I knew I could make the creepy cherub that was on there 
into something I would love.
I love the zig zag pattern that is everywhere right now.
Grabbed a pencil and went for it.
 Grey and white, my favorite colors.
Almost complete. I am going to add 
the wording that will be my tattoo on here also.
I found some of these on Pinterest and had a few 
things I thought would be perfect to make one.
A vintage hanky from my wedding and a lace doily. I just need to
add the stitching and hang it in it's new home.
This is a small project but, one that makes me so happy.
I got these great containers at Ikea and LOVE the way they look. 
What types of projects have you been starting/finishing lately?

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Shasta Anne said...

Hi girly! Just wanted to tell you that I left you some love on my blog!