Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Catch Up, Part 2

Yes, it's been a while you get two phone dumps,
 then I will go into more details about the good stuff.

Jackson loves Cat in the Hat.
We were out one day and he thought this was so fun.
We got our girl for Spring Break.
 Even though we had her for 4 days straight it just wasn't enough.
 We just love when she gets to spend time. Jackson adores his sissy.
My heart is full. <3
She is so funny. Always trying to get a laugh.
Buddies since they were born. 
Marah's drawing of them.
They had so much fun on the Gator.
So did Jackson.
Brookie's Drawing.
Spring Break isn't right with out ice cream!
One of our favorite spots.
Yogurt Tap.
It's such a great spot and the yogurt is wonderful!
Big Boy Bed! 
My boy eating with his chopsticks. 
A day at the zoo. 
Rock climbing.
Last but, not least the sports store.
We got a new one in town and went to check it out this weekend.
Think someone is ready for t-ball?
I'm thinking fall ball...
Yayy, mostly caught up!


KLaw said...

Oh my goodness, he melts my heart! I love him!

kirkandmona said...

It has been WAY too long since I stopped by to catch up. I love riding along as you raise your sweet boy. Giant Hugs!!!

Carolina said...

super cute photos!! :) can't wait to start a family of my own <3

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