Monday, August 5, 2013


It's a big day here at our house.  Jackson has his very first day of school. In true sappy momma style I had a flood of emotions wash over me in the last week. From excitement for him,  sadness over him being gone all day and fear over the kids being kind because of his new glasses (another post in itself).

The bottom line is the boy is excited. He can't wait to have real gym and learn more math (his favorite subject). I know he will do awesome this year but, there is something tremendously bittersweet to think that this is the start of school forever,  college and then a life of his own (dramatic much). This little man became my full time job (literally and figuratively) while I was still pregnant and put on bed rest. I know in a few weeks when the routine finds it self I will be thankful for the special time Lena and I will have. The excitement in picking him up each day and listening to his stories but, humor me while I boo-hoo a bit tomorrow. I think this must be some sort of mommy rite of passage as all of my mommy friends have the same FB posts and newborn/now pictures scattered all over. I was listening to daddy pray with Jack before bed about his new class, friends, teacher and I was reminded my boy is in good hands. I know the only one who loves him more than we do has gone before him and put everything in place for him. He is on loan to us and I am so thankful. These last five years of Jack and I have been the best and I am so blessed to think I have had so much time with him. These years I will cherish forever. I can not wait for us to figure out our new normal as he starts his school career.
::done gushing for now::

Kindergarten pictures of our boy.

This one is technically so off but, this picture is everything that 
is my boy. So it is absolutely perfect in my eyes. 


andrea said...

The pictures are adorable! I know I will be weepy next week, and it is the same school Finn went to for pre-k! But there is just something about kindergarten, isn't there? It is so real. Bg hugs!

Stefanie said...

precious, precious, precious! :) good luck this year, Jack - you will rock kindergarten! Ra, thanks for this sweet helped this Mama for sure. Love your words about knowing the One who loves our babies more than us...and how He goes before us making a perfect path. And the part about them being on loan just got me right in the heart. The time I have had with my Cristian I cherish too...and now like you I get special time with my new girl. I foresee a Mama date in the near future to share/support each other as we send our boys off into the world! Cris started pre-k but its all week from 8 - 2:30.

Nana said...

.....wwwwoooaaa big time mascara alert on this and very well put...what a sweet sweet story and yes this lil' man is so special and is such a champ is so many ways...thank you to Mom and Dad for doing such a fine job with raising your family!!! Love yall!!

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