Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crafting with Nanny

You guys may hear me talk about Nanny from time to time...
She also has a blog

This is Nanny.

Her real name is Mrs Reagan.
She got married last September
You can read/see some pics HERE

We call her Nanny because she is Jackson's Godmother and well,
Nanny just stuck.

They love each other so much.
{Nothing makes me happier to know this}

It's crazy to think that when we met.
{we worked together, she was my boss}
That I called her supervisor on her because she was a Bea-bea we didn't get along.
You would never know now, were besties for sure.

We love when we get to spend time with Nanny.
Today it was all about crafting.
{and snuggling and playing catch}

Nanny had seen a shirt (actually a onesie) with the cutest pair of sunglasses on it.
She was inspired and we were on a mission.

We grabbed a $1.99 set of black jean patches and printed out some glasses and staches to trace and went to town...

Jackson came out with a rockin' onesie but, he wasn't really excited about modeling it for us.
What you can't see is Nanny shaking the maracas and me singing 
like a crazy person to get him to look.

I tried to get him to wear his mustache...

It was a "no-go".

Maybe next time.

Here is what our shirts ended up looking like.

Nanny asked me for broken toys today for the next project...
I guess we will see what that's about in the next few weeks.
I can't wait.


Joyeful said...

That is the cutest t-shirt ever!! What a great idea!! I've seriously got to make one of these! And if I do, I would love to post the link back to you! Lovin' your little man!

Karen said...

Too cute--great job! Can't wait to see what you all cook up next. :o)

The Mrs. said...

Awww... the pics of J actually turned out cute! haha... I'm wearig my shirt today... I'll post a pic! :) yippie!