Thursday, January 7, 2010

My "Word" of the Year.

Last Year I did my "Not Resolutions".

Looking back I did pretty good on some but, not so great on others.
Mind you there were only 10.
I should have rocked at them all. I want to do better this year!

I have read on a few blogs that this year they would pick a word.
That word would be the focus of the year.
Their "Word Resolution" if you will.

I started thinking that I really wanted to try this in 2010.
It just feels right for this year.

Love, eh to easy
Quiet, eh to hard {lol}
Build, to not me
Laugh, to silly
Breathe, to basic

Seriously, I went through some words and nothing was clicking.
Then the word found me.

I was looking through pictures of this past year and really
thinking about what I would have done different.
Things that happened, how I reacted to them.
How can I make this year better than last?
I really want to be a better wife, mother, daughter,
aunt, friend, and blogger {ha}

So here it is.
With out further ado, my word is...


This year I want to be more...
Thoughtful in my relationships
Thoughtful in my parenting
Thoughtful in my decisions
Thoughtful in my choices
Thoughtful in my actions

I am excited to be focused on my word all year long.
When I really think about it some of these will be similar to some of
my Not Resolutions from last year.
I guess year to year the important things stay the same.
I am just excited for a new way to look at how I will approach them.

What are your Resolutions for this year?
I would love to know.


The Mrs. said...

I <3 it!

Cisilia "cc" said...

i love the word resolution idea. i am doing month by month. But the word thoughtful is inspiring to say the least.