Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My NOT Resolutions... Tag your it.

I took this from Nanny Pam's Blog and love the idea. So here we go. I decided that I would not do the traditional New Years resolutions like we all usually do because come the second week in January that piece of chocolate looks way better than getting off the couch and working out. This year I am making a list of what I will NOT do in 2009.

1. Forget to be thankful, I am too blessed.
2. Hold on to grudges from last year. 
3. Say I am going to do something and not follow through.
4. Let other peoples opinions get to me. (If it won't matter in two years let it go)
5. Wear "workout wear" more than I do real cloths.
6. Get caught up in the calendar and miss out on something fun.
7. Go one month without having at least one date with my Hot Hubby.
8. Go one day without telling him I love him.
9. Gossip and get caught up in the drama as much. ( I would say at all, but I'd be setting my self up to fail a NOT resolution, that would be pretty bad)

10. Run around so much. I want to enjoy right now. 

Ok, so what are your NOT resolutions... Myra, Karen, Ashley, Lori, Donna.
 I am tagging you guys. Can't wait to read your NR's

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