Tuesday, January 27, 2009

7 About 7 months!

I am a day late on posting this, but we celebrated in style yesterday. We had dinner over at CC and Grand dude Bobby's. Nana, Grandpa Bo, Sasha, and Ben all were over. I had everyone tell me their favorite thing about Bubbie at 7 months. So I will post them for you here. 

1. Mommy says, "I love that he loves to dance. This month he has started wiggling with me. Even when he is laying on the floor. If I just dance and sing he cracks up. I love this. "

2. Daddy says, " Da da da." Enough Said? That's right Jackson said his first words and he said "Da da". He calls for B when he walks out of the room and just mumbles it all day long. It is so sweet.

3. CC says, " I love that he is so calm." This is true. Everyone says we will pay for this with our next one but Jackson is a chill baby. He is so relaxed and go with the flow. For this I am forever  thankful. I have heard horror stories. 

4. Grand dude Bobby says, "His Hair is coming in." Jackson was the first child born on my Italian side with NO HAIR! So much to our joy, it is finally coming in, dark and thick. Since J was little dad would brush his "bangs" and say "let me get that hair out of your face boy" Jackson has always loved this and will even roll his eyes back in joy. It is so cute.

5. Aunt Sasha and Ben say, " Rolling Over" That's right! My baby finally rolled over. His Aunt Sasha was talking to him and he rolled over to see her better. We all started clapping and getting excited, he just smiled. I am still not sure he gets what he did, but we are excited it has happened.  Now only to catch it on the flip...

6. Nana says, "Raspberry's!" He loves blowing and sputtering these out. It is really cute when he gets going. His favorite new time do this is when I am feeding him. It is so messy, but he gets so tickled I let him do it. I'm sure at some point i'll pay for that.

7. Grandpa Bo says, " How he stares at you when you hold him." This is so true and so sweet. In between the raspberry's and the Da da da's. He will just pause and study you. It is so sweet and such a special moment. It is usually followed by sleepy eye's.  

So there you have it. My sweet boy is 7 months. He is our JOY, LIGHT, and LOVE. 


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The Mrs. said...

Awww... 7 months! I can't believe it. Seams like yesterday. I love you!