Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

Happy 2009. It may take me a second to get use to writing that, but we are looking forward to the New Year. We had a wonderful New Years Party over at mom and dad's. We had lots of goodies, fire works and great company. It was a blast. Here are some photo's of the night.

Our 2009 Baby
Yes! Fireworks...
mommy and her sleepy man.

Stephanie's glass. Our favorite Hooka. 
T and Mom
Bowling on the Wii
Stephanie getting a strike.

The pictures kinda stop there because unfortunately Stephanie and Christians home got broken into last night and they left with mom to go see what happened. It was a long night and today was a day of cleaning but we are so glad it wasn't worse, and they were not home when this happened. Keep them in your prayers as now they deal with the insurance and police and get all of this behind them.

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