Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Years Eve, eve

Most nights before bed. Either Daddy or I rocks the Bub's  to sleep. Most times we will hum or sing to him to get him to sleep. Tonight in honor of New Years. I was humming the tune "Auld Lang Syne", you know the one that is played at the stroke of mid-night at every party you have ever been too. Jackson started singing along and Daddy grabbed the Flip. Sorry it's so dark, but if you listen to the end our little man really gets into it. 
I hope 2008 was a wonderful year for everyone. My prayer going into 2009, is that everyone would hold Peace in their hearts, and we would all be a little more gracious to one another. 
So, Happy New Years Eve, Eve from our family to yours. 


The Mrs. said...

a few things...

1. damn it is dark in there...
2. it's funny that you only know the humm of the last 3 sentences of the song... hehe (me too)
3. I think bubs should sing in the children's choir.

Happy 2009! Lovies!

Anonymous said...

So so precious! Happy New Year!!