Sunday, December 28, 2008

6 about 6 months

6 months. What a great half birthday, it falling on Christmas every year and all. I am sure when Jackson gets older he will love this. So here it is, my 6 favorite things about 6 months...

1. The Smiles. Bubbie has always been a happy baby but this month he has started really looking at you and just smiling because he loves you. Melt your heart!

2. The Kisses. He will grab your cheeks and pull you in. Be warned these are open mouth, full on, singing kisses. He loves to give his CC these kisses. She doesn't even mind the slobber. Who would, it is so cute.

3. The Feet. He has discovered he has two, and he loves them. You all know how much I love footed anything but to Bubbie, bare foot is best. He love to grab his toes and just roll back and forth.

4. The Daddy. Jackson loves his Daddy and he always has. This month has been the first month he just gets so tickled when Daddy gets home from work, or wakes him up from a nap. The joy in his eye's is so sweet when he spot's dad.
5. The Food. He loves veggies! I can't get him to like a fruit to save my life. It is so cute, he will just grin and smile for squash, but try to give him applesause or pears. He gives you the sour face and shivers. It cracks me up.

6. The Toys. He has not only discovered his toes, he has discovered the Jumparoo. He loves it. It is so fun to watch him interact with the toys on the top and giggle. It is a favorite past time at home.

Oh, we Love this baby boy. We are so blessed to have you baby J, we say it all the time, but what did we ever do before you? 

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