Sunday, December 28, 2008

PIctures of the Holiday!

The Holiday's were wonderful. I'll let the pictures tell the story...

But, mom I don't want to take pictures.

Ok, just one... Cheese
NO, really I'm done.
marah opening her Wii on Christmas eve, ummm we had SO much fun with this thing! haha We still are...
Getting ready to put on our Christmas Pj's
Hugs for CC

Christmas Feet
Mom, no more pictures
Look at my babies! One is all grown up and one is almost as big as she is.
Christmas Pj's 08'

The building of the Ginger bread house...

The silliness began
Ben and sash giving the thumbs up.

Cookies for Santa
Sleepy babies and CC, waiting on Santa
Christmas morning
Cheese, from this angle, the presents look crazy
It was a great day. 


Donna said...

Precious :-)

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Looks like an awesome Christmas!