Monday, January 19, 2009

Ugh, I'm catching up...

I have failed horribly this year at being the blogging momma diva I had hoped. So here is a catch up blog and I am giving my word to be better. I have been checking in on other blogs and am inspired once again to blog away. 

Teething Boy and the best chew toy ever.
We have been just doing so much at home. Jackson's 6m appointment went wonderfully. Dr Mathews said he looked great. Was "clever with his hands" he was trying to move her while she listened to his heart. She also might have mentioned he was a little lazy because he was not sitting up , rolling, or crawling frequently or at all. I just had to giggle. I mean his momma didn't walk until she was 26m and contrary to what the Wii fit will tell you. I do not trip often when I walk. He is such a joy. 

Sissy thought this was so funny.
We are excited about the inauguration tomorrow. This is an excited time for our country. I wish everyone would hush up about "the direness our country is entering" with Obama taking office. This momma says "Take a spoon full of sugar and chin up. You people have more faith that your pizza will be delivered in 30 min. Than you do in a man that God appointed to be in this position. Now either you really love Dominoes or you need to re-adjust your prospective and well... have a little faith.  You will be .o.k. I'm kinda tired of my fellow Republican Christians acting like this is the end of times. Can you tell?"  O.k Vent Over. Back to Swooning over my gorgeous child. I mean look at these eyes.


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