Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Story.

You guys hear an awful lot about our main man Jackson.
After all he is the heart of what made us a family 
but, my love and my family started with B.

My Brian.

Our story is comical and life saving. 
He saved my life. Really. 
Not in a grabbed me out from in front of a bus sort of way but,
in a found me and showed me I was worth it sort of way. 
That and well..."He liked the way I talked".

We found each other really. In just the right moment in our lives. 

When we met we were young and it was summer.
March 5 2002

Babies, I tell you!

I love live music, live southern rock to be exact. 
I got this love from my Dad. He has introduced me to some greats! 

I was just getting out of a horrible, stupid what was I thinking for 2 years bad relationship. 
It was 6 months out and I was finally re finding myself. 
Who I was, what I would and wouldn't allow in my life. 
It was great. I was exploring the city and found some great spots to go and hear bands I loved. 

{21 was such a fun time}

I was finishing up aesthetic school and had met some great new friends. 
One in particular Mrs. Brandy was a southern belle if there ever was one. 
She has the most gorgeous blonde hair and blue eye's. 
Always dressed to a T and well as sweet as could be. 
She also never really hung out in Atlanta, like ever. 
We had a friend in school who's boyfriend was playing at Smith's Olde Bar
{One of my favorite places to go.} 
Brandy had been telling me she was venturing into the city to go and hear them.
She had also been telling me she had this really funny friend she wanted me to meet.

Now, don't we all know what "Funny" means when you are describing someone?
It means they are great, super, funny, NOT ATTRACTIVE.
{Ha, Thanks girl}

I was in NO mood to be set up but, man Brandy had been talking up this John guy for weeks.

Wasn't this all about B?
Well, you see Brian was not the guy I was to meet that night. Nope not even at all. Actually I had told Brandy on numerous occasions that I was not meeting this John guy and she could forget it.

Didn't I tell you Brandy was sweet as pie?
{did I mention sneaky!}

{Mrs. Brandy}

She calls me on said night of the concert to say that she wanted me to come. I wasn't feeling up to meeting "JOHN" so I passed on the night. Seriously, like 20 times.

So little blonde hair, blue eyed Brandy calls me and says she is on the interstate headed down.
Now, I love Brandy but, she couldn't hurt a fly and by gosh she knew I was not letting her go into Atlanta for the first time ALONE.
No sir-e

She knew I would come if I thought she was alone.

I was in some mood. 
In a white t shirt, jeans, and flip flops I headed to meet her. 
I was a HOT MESS.

BUT, I'm meeting Brandy in a dive, dark bar. So who cares really?
 It will be just the girls. Dancing around, throwing back a few, laughing. 
Who cares if I'm using sunglasses to hold my hair out of my face and someone learning to wax in class took off half my eyebrow

It's just the girls.

Only, when I walk in Brandy, decked out looking fabulous is flanked by not 1 but, 2 guys.
I stopped dead 
{Sneaky, sneaky girl who I am forever indebted to}

Brandy just grins and introduces me to John...
...who by the way is an awesome, cute, funny guy...
{but, not my type}

and Brian.
Ugh, he is wearing a Puka shell necklace.
(I have this thing about those cheese ball, panama city, spring break, why don't you grow up necklaces.) I just don't like em.
And he is tan and has that I am so cool  player smile.
No thanks.

But, really great. Dodged that bullet. 
I am not interested in either in the least bit, so who cares if I don't have half of one eyebrow. 
I'm good. Listen to band and have a good night.

Except the band wasn't great. At all.

Brian puka shell necklace guy suggests we all go downstairs and play pool.
Fine, fine. Let's all go.

We start playing and Mr Puka Shell starts in on how he can beat me and yada, yada, yada.
Well, I don't play pool at all, so probably  but, I can talk game like the rest of them.

I am kicking butt. I mean like really kicking butt. 
It must have been the Strongbow.
 Who knows but, I won, and in my I kickedyourbuttWOOHOO thought you were going to win Mr Puka shell speech. 
He interupts me to say...
" I like the way you talk"

UGH, seriously.
Now I mentioned before, I was getting over a relationship and a proud member of the club at the time. So poor B was about to have it. 

"You like the way I talk, seriously? Is that a pick up line that has worked for you before because that was awful and I am not interested. That was LAME. I mean really and the Puka shell thing. Really?I know you guys live on the lake and don't get down to Atlanta much but, 1992 is calling and they want it back."

Oh I was a Beetch,
 and he ATE. IT.UP. 

To hear him tell it. 
He got chewed out and even with that line "Got the Girl". 
He did. 
Kicking and screaming on my part at first.
I brought girlfriends on ever date we had. 
Never stayed late at his place. 
{One night my car was blocked in and his friend even drove my car over his 
mom's Hosta plants the length of the driveway to get me out.) 
Man I felt bad about that one.
After the first kiss {2 months in} that lasted 30 minutes in his driveway.
I couldn't deny something about my Puka shell wearing B, was the real deal.

86 miles one way for over a year dating.
100's of live shows later
12 states have been vacationed together
(38 to go)

6 years this October of marriage

1 amazing son

{vintage bubs. 3m}

8 years later
He is my first love.

{holding our first love for the first time}

I am blessed beyond belief to be with my best friend. 
We have always said our relationship is easy, Life is not. 
Last year we went through our 7 year bump in the road and it was not fun.
We came out stronger and more in love.

It's a beautiful thing. 

I don't know if anyone will even read this. I think I just wanted to get it down somewhere for us one day. 
I love hearing about my parents love story. 
{I need to share theirs next}
Maybe one day Bub's will love to hear this.

This was from one of our favorite dates.
It was an striped down Song of the South thing there.
The Five Spot is awesome for great shows and in one of my favorite places Little 5 Points.
When he say's "Free as I'll ever be" you can hear me "Woo" from the back. 
{Nice, ra. haha} 

This night was magical 

You make me feel free, B.
I love you.
Mrs. Bdubb 4 life


Cisilia "cc" said...

That was a beautiful piece of writing. It is a good thing to reflect on life. I also love your "B" very much. He is a man of integrity. You have a precious family my child. Tears of joy and love for each of you!!

Meredith said...

That is an awesome story Ra, and the picture of Brian holding Jackson for the first time made me tear up.

Amo said...

Men holding their babies for the first time...I love those kinds of pictures. I have a few of my husband holding our son for the first time outside of the OR (I had a c-section). I of course missed it all b/c I was still being stitched up, but at least I can look at the pictures!