Monday, November 14, 2011

Ch Ch Changes...

This may be a little thing for everyone but, it feels like big stuff to us. Since in this economy our "starter home" became our "forever home". We have been making minor updates around the house.
Sure, we have a laundry list since our house is a little older.
replace window that are drafty, seal everything, paint house, fix deck boards, update master bath 
But, the reality for us is slow and steady.
 A little ch ch change at a time.
{do you have that song in your head yet?} 

Our kitchen area looked like this before.
Wooden slat blinds all around. They are nice but, honestly 4 out of the 6 were janky and wouldn't open/close all the way. Or had broken pieces since they came with the house like this. 
It also gets really hot in the summer and cold in the winter in this part of our house. Not to mention the sun is blinding in the afternoon. Since we loved the light but, not the blinds we decided to take them down one day. It got our wheels turning but, the blank windows left us feeling kind of naked. lol 
Best view I could find although, the angle is way different.
So part a lot of my day yesterday was spent like this.
Sewing machine, pandora, ironing board, iron.
From Ikea these curtains were the best for our budget.
They came with metal circle rings at the top.
Not our style. So I sewed new tops and hemmed the bottom.
and now...
In the dark, since it gets dark at 6. 
Anyone else hate daylight savings time?
All finished. We love them.
Not a huge change but, man it feels like one!
Now to convince B we need a farm table. lol 
Little changes at a time but, we are happy happy. 

**edited to add daytime pictures** 
wonky but, added.

Have you done any small or large room changes lately?


Michelle said...

I love them. They look amazing and I stand in awe of your ability to work a sewing machine. And bust out a gold Santa painting. Seriously.

SashaLenz said...

i love them! you should put a picture with them closed though so you can see them, im suprised you didnt want stripes

sugar said...

You did a great job on the curtains, and I LOVE the rug!