Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy, Happy, Crappy

We saw the big guy this weekend and there were no tears! 
Jackson loved him and did awesome.
He may have welled up at the end because he thought he
 would give him presents that day but,
it went awesome. Pictures to come.

I do believe our boy is potty trained! Woo Hoo!
This is the breast feeding/formula feeding of toddler parents.
If I heard one more time "Oh, {insert name} was potty trained right after his first birthday. Don't worry Jack will get it" Gah! Backhanded compliment. We knew he would do it and it just had to be his time. No accidents in 4 days and only big boy underwear. Seriously, how cute is a hiney in big boy underwear?!
So, so cute!

Daddy is working like crazy again this week. Open to close monday-saturday. Crappy for daddy because 6, 12 hour days is no fun and he is running crazy. Also crappy because we miss him. :(

I got my first speeding ticket since college friday. 10+ years. Boo.
I honestly 100% thought the speed limit was 45. Unfortunately, it was a tricky back road where it changes to 35 for about a mile and I didn't notice. Gah, I was so mad at myself. Not fun for sure.

And to leave you with a happy.
 Family cuteness from our Santa visit.
I love these two so much. :)

Any happy, crappy's to add on this Monday?


andrea said...

Great picture, and way to go on the potty training!

Cisilia "cc" said...

Happy that his hinny is so fun to pinch with big boy underwear
Happy that our computer is fixed and i still got a MAC
Crappy that it is dark at 6:00 pm

Sara B said...

Congrats on the potty training. I hear you on the comments....Marino is 3 and 4 months and I swear he is probably going to be 5 before he poops on the potty...I get lots of unsolicited advice about this from people who potty trained their boys at 2.
By the way, the 3 of you are adorable!

Michelle said...

That picture is great! I'm so happy for Jackson. He must be so proud!

KLaw said...

Boy do I love all these faces :)

SashaLenz said...

its HINEY! not hinny LOL but it does look cute in those big boy underwear. go jack! next year it will be all smiles w santa!