Sunday, November 13, 2011

Catch Up.

First and foremost my dad is having surgery this am.
Please send out some speedy recovery and easy surgery prayers his way. It's always hard to have someone you love have surgery.

Next up is a phone dump catch up.
 My favorite kind of catch up.

This was another pinterest inspiration. 
It was kind of a pain but, I love the way he came out.
I used the tutorial from here. Follow my boards here.

1. Halloween costumes at 70% off. Yes, please. 
2. Making of apple pies! 
3. Firefighter Rock Star.
4. Awesome fort time with daddy.

1. Coloring away the all to crazy grey.
2. Piles of leaves!
3. A good red wine for fall.
4. Southern Gentleman with the girls.

Today we also watched the Saints beat the Falcons. 
A win we love so much! Who Dat!

I am feeling pretty productive.
 I'll come back tomorrow and share why. :) 

1 comment:

SashaLenz said...

LOVE the airplane costume!! that is so cute! & i thought it said "fart time with daddy" hahahaha