Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mind Dump

  • Durham is here! Durham was born last Thursday and to say he is perfect would be an understatement. This is my favorite picture I took of him the day he was born. Aside from the first family shot. Go check out more here.

  • The holidays are some of my favorite times of the year. I always hit a point when I hate that we have schedules at all. I just wish there was more time to fit everything fun in. I get a tad overwhelmed sometimes and just crave being a homebody in December. On another note, I read somewhere about someone saying their love language was giving presents and I couldn't agree more. The hunt, the deal, the love behind something makes me so happy. I would love to be a personal shopper. So I could have all the fun but, not spend the money. This year we are doing gifts on a big budget but, it's kind of exciting to see what we can come up with. I made this tonight. Some lucky people will be getting bottles. Yummy.

I am loving the way our house is looking more festive. I need to post some pictures soon. That also means I need to take some pictures to share.

  • Jackson has been having breathing issues again. :( These came on fast and are being awfully stubborn. I think we have found the right medicine. Fingers crossed and prayers being accepted. I just hate when my little guy feels bad. 

  • We get to go visit Wyatt {and his mommy and daddy} in a couple weeks. I can't wait to get my snuggles in
 with him. They just live to far. 

  • B and I have a date planned for this weekend.
It is much needed and I am excited to get to sneak away with my guy for a few hours. We are going to see one of our favorite bands.
The Wood Brothers. Actually hubby's next tattoo 
was inspired by one of their songs

Alright, mind dump and sorta caught up. I'll be
 back with pictures of cute kids soon!


Michelle said...

OMG, Durham is perfect! I even stalked over to Pam's blog. He is so so cute!!!

Pam said...