Monday, March 14, 2011

The 1950's version of myself. {kinda}

This is my Monday . . .
in phone pictures, so that's not very 1950's.
I am listening to pandora and blogging so there is that too. 

Ok so the only thing semi 1950's I am doing today is this.
Well, and I am making dinner later. ;)
I am making this. Who doesn't love Pub food during a St. Patty's Day week.
This blog is by Evie's mom she is one heck of a cook. 
You can follow her or click her link over there >>>> 

Back to my day.
I have a helper. He is making sure all my cutting lines are straight.
This fabric is going to be a couple of several mis-matchy pillows on our bed.
I have some fun stuff to show you guys in there.

I also have on my favorite yoga pants of all time. I have had them for as long as Brian and I have been together. They are kind of like a yearbook of paint colors in our lives. I'm so sentimental lately.
He LOVES when I wear them. { did you catch my sarcasm }
I guess yoga pants aren't very 1950's either huh?
Oh, did I mention we celebrated our 9th first date anniversary last week.
Holy Moly that is 1/3 of my life so far. Couple high five to us. <3
This is kind of romantic, except that he is singing jingle bells. 
So maybe more festive?
Yes, this is panning out to be a pretty great Monday. 

If any of you are sparing extra prayers.
 I have an E-friend Brandi who is the strongest woman
 I have ever known. She is going through a lot right now. 
Brandi we are thinking of you guys, 
I hope you can feel our love.


Allison said...

Can't wait to see those pillows that are in the making - that fabric is pretty fab :) Enjoy the rest of your 50s inspired Monday! Oh, and I totally have yoga pants just like that. I probably wear them more often than I should... ;)

Michelle said...

I have a pair of yoga pants like that. Love them and every memory they bring back.

I think I'd fit in well in the 50's, especially the pretty dresses.

Enjoy the chicken tonight! Love that dish. I meant to blog that I cook the rice with chicken broth not water, for more flavor and I stir in some scallions when its all done.

Isabella's Mommy.... said...

I think we all have a pair of those pants in our closet! As my little one calls them 'my comfy pants'!! Can't beat them!!

Pam said...

1.Can't wait to see how the pillows turn out.
2. I'm not ignoring your email, I just don't want to turn 29.
3. I didn't know Michelle had a blog, stalked it for like 30 minutes. yummy, yummy, yummy!
4. You look skinny in your yoga pants. ;)