Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love the way you...

As we get closer to Jackson's 3rd birthday something is happening. 
I am watching him become a little boy and my baby little, by little is slipping away.
It is a bittersweet time. I think I am just trying to soak it all in. Daddy too. 
When we got back from Mardi Gras Daddy said Jackson seemed bigger, more grown up. 
He was talking clearer and explaining things differently. I have heard people say that once you
 have children time has a way of slipping by faster. It is so true. 
I want to cherish these moments. 

Love the way you. . .
* Tell me that you "need something".
 Sometimes I think you just want to talk and this is a good opening line. I always go through
 the list with you. A drink, snack, hug or kiss. Usually you pick one of the first two 
and I end up with one of the latter. 

Love the way you. . .
* Have found your pockets. 
At random points in the day you will stand around and have both hands in them. 
It must be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. 

Love the way you. . .
*Snuggle from daddy's pillow to mine.
It's like a big game when we let you in the bed. Who will you snuggle with first. 
We cherish these moments and talk about how we better eat them up because 
we know they will be gone before we know it.

Love the way you. . . 
* Always end bath time by swimming until the last drop of water has gone down the drain.
You lay on your belly and flail your arms and kick your feet. Then stand up for us to wrap you up.

Love the way you. . . 
* Say I love you more than peas and carrots.
Because peas are your favorite and carrots are mine. 
Be still my heart every time you say it. 

Love the way you. . .
* Play in the mirror.
It's dancing to "hands in the mirror", "Tutti ta", or making the boy laugh. 
You are always cracking us up.

Love the way you. . .
* Still love your sable.
You hold him upside-down and rub the tag. He is so well loved.
It has been this way since you were so tiny.

Really we just love the way you do everything. 
{sigh, this is one sappy momma tonight.}

Go hug your loved ones and
 tell them that you love the way they. . .


Jane. said...

This had me crying! I can't believe how fast Grayson is growing up and changing. We haven't even hit 6 months yet. I can't imagine 3 years! Love on that wonderful baby a little tighter while he is still that baby! Time is flying! Miss you all!

The Hill House said...

Brandon does the hands in the pockets thing too and it makes him seem so big! These boys need to slow down!!!

Michelle said...

Evie does the swimming in the tub thing too!

Isn't it crazy how overnight they are all "grown up" seeming? It makes me so happy that I blog.