Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Nanny's Birthday Day. Oh and it's that green holiday too.

Here at Casa da W. We celebrate two holidays every March 17th.
One is that green holiday I celebrated in college.

The other much more important day is...

Nanny's Birthday!
 Some of our favorite memories this past year.

Maybe the best photo of your 28th year.

You guys are awesome!
 Go visit her here and give her some love.

Pam {Nanny}
I know you have some reservations about turning 29 but, like any good best friend I have gone
 before you and promise 29 only will bring you lovely things. 
You will rock it like every other year. 
You will become an older, wiser version of yourself if that is even possible.
You will go on great vacations, bake your heart out, go on hubby dates, take better photo's, 
have play dates with us, find more non-toe-cleavage shoes, 
decide between bangs vs. no bangs once again. 
Only this year you will be 29. 
I know it will be good to you. I have been praying. 
Praying that your only wish comes true this year and I have a pretty good feeling. 
So with that I say that I love you so much. WE love you so much.
You are more than a friend, you are family.
Happy Birthday.
We  can not wait to celebrate with you!  
Own 29. 


Michele said...

Hey! I stopped by from Pam's blog. What a sweet post to your dear friend! Cute blog!

Cisilia "cc" said...

So cute! You to are such blogging twins. Glad you have each other to make memories with. BTW next time I am with you I will try to remember to wear MAKE UP and take a second to fix the hair. Lovely. Love you both!!!