Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Painting again.

I have softball games, park visits, and wonderful friends to blog about
but, what am I blogging about?  
Paint Colors. 
My husband might leave me. 
{Not really, he loves me and my crazy painting ways but,
my dad may not talk to me for five more years when he has to pull out the scaffolding}

So here is the deal.
Sometimes I get an idea and I think about it for months/weeks days then
  it's all I can think about. Hence a painting post on a tuesday. 
So I read YHL like everyone else and love the light grey color
 they went with in their living room. I ran to Home Depot today and grabbed some 
paint samples and even though they all look white I promise they are not.
The middle one is actually the YHL living room color moonshine. While I like them B is not in love.
You know we gotta make daddy happy. 

So tomorrow we I am going to pick up this color.

                                                                         Source: favoritepaintcolors.blogspot.com on Pinterest

Plus I love the color's name, Stormy Monday.
Moody, Comforting, Perfect. Swoon.

I am thinking this is inspiration for maybe something over the mantle?
Who thinks I could do this? Ha!
                                                                     Source: gallery.apartmenttherapy.com  on Pinterest

Or this. . .
You know I love some chevron.
                                                                                      Source: google.com on Pinterest

This is my frame inspiration for the wall. We shall see.
                                                                           Source: madebygirl.blogspot.com on Pinterest

Ahh, I will keep you posted.
So true, So true.

                                                                               Source: google.com on Pinterest

Happy Tuesday


Pam said...

Glad you bloged this all out... thought your brain was gonna explode! haha Get your new sample up on the wall I wanna swing by after work and throw my opinion in! haha

The Hill House said...

Have fun painting! Can't wait to see the completed project!

Allison said...

Choosing a paint color can be such a process! Glad you found a "winner". And I totally love the name - "stormy Monday" - too! I'm currently in a mess of painting. Every room is getting a fresh coat. Lots of work, but totally worth it! I hope you share pictures when you're done :)

Michelle said...

Please come decorate my house. I haven't even hung frames yet because I can't commit to where to hang them. I love your style.