Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thanks Buddy.

This post is about how a tv dinosaur made 
me look like a genius mom. 
Don't judge it happens. ;)

This is Buddy.
Buddy is a T-Rex on a show called Dinosaur Train.
Jackson thinks this show is pretty funny.
 Buddy is always making hypothesis'. 

Wednesday Nanny and I were in the car headed to lunch. She mentioned coming in third place in a science fair for her hypothesis that air had weight. I have no clue how we got on the subject of science fairs. We share a brain so we very well could have been talking about chicken salad and some how that connected to air having weight. It's how we roll.

Anyhow, up pipes Jackson's voice in the backseat as he states
"A hypothesis is an idea that we test"

Nanny busted out laughing and was stunned. Needless to say I tried to play it off like we just had amazingly intelligent conversations and I had taught him the meaning until he also busted out
 "Buddy says that". 
Then I had to explain how Buddy is a T-Rex on tv. Ha!
Gotta love babies they will always call you out.

 Smartest baby genius ever I tell you. 
Thanks Buddy.

For your viewing pleasure. 
Jackson's favorite Buddy song. He sings it just to crack me up. 

Happy Weekend Lovies.


kirkandmona said...

I can so picture Jackson singing that!!! I can also picture Pam's face with the "what the heck kind of awesome mom are you??!!" expression on her face.

The Hill House said...

We love Dinosaur Train too! That's hilarious that he says "hypothesis". You need to record him saying it.

Sara B said...

Dinosaur Train is Marino's newest obsession. Jackson is a genius!

Michelle said...

What a coincidence, I share a brain with my best friend, too!

No more commenting, I have to bring back the T-Rex video for Evie. Because its as if she's never seen Dinosaur Train, or something.

"I want it! I want it! I want it! I want Jackson's blog!"

Isabella's Mommy.... said...

How sweet! It's so funny how quickly they learn!

Alicia said...

ha! i love it!! my kids love that show too :) my mom always thinks i'm being awesome and teaching my kids spanish... but no, we just watch too much dora!!