Wednesday, March 25, 2009

9 About 9 Months

9 Months! 
Holy Moly. I think of all the months (and they have all been great) this month has been my favorite so far. Jackson has just been changing so much and getting very interactive and that is so fun! We have the bast time together as a family.
 So here we go our favorite 9 about 9 months...

Mommies Fav's:

1. Oh the under the neck laughs. This may be my favorite thing ever! He will look one direction and let me kiss and then turn the other way. It just melts my heart.

2. Bub's is a little bashful. When he gets tickled or someone is trying to get him, he will snuggle into mommy. I love this so much. I will always take hugs but these are extra cute.

3. Our morning routine. When Daddy leaves in the morning, Jackson comes and cuddles in the bed with me. We sing and talk and high five. It's just special time. Sunday's are the best when Daddy is with us too.

Daddy's Fav's:

4. That he has started acknowledging everything. He not only recognises Dad's voice when he sees him but when he calls Bub's will look around the room for him. 

Nanny's Fav's:

5. His hilarious expressions (the dadada face is a favorite).

6. That he sings louder than you talk to get your attention. He does this even when I'm on the phone.

7. That he has gotten to long for the famous "Footed Onsies " seen HERE.
(aw, this one makes me sad)

NaNa and Grandpa Bo's  Fav:

8. Listening to him talk. This is so funny because Jackson has started babbling sentences. If that is even possible. His expressions change like he is really telling you something.

CC and Bobby's Fav:

9.  That he sings himself to sleep and laughs about it. That he light's up when he sees them. 

Wow our baby boy is 9 months. So much fun and kinda sad all at the same time. It is just going by so fast.


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JosiahsMommy said...

Awww... what a big boy! He sits so well now. Yayyy Jackson!